Below a sneak preview of some of the awesome things you will be able to do with TestGorilla


01. Name your assessment

Give a descriptive name to your assessment. For example, “Customer Service Agent”. And select the job role from the drop-down list.


02. Select tests

Add relevant job-knowledge, language, personality, cognitive ability and situational judgement tests directly from our test library. Each test takes only 10 minutes.


03. Add custom questions

Add up to 10 custom questions to your assessment. For example, ask candidates to upload a CV and let them tell you in a video why they want to work for your company.


04. Review assessment

See an overview of the assessment you have created and how long it will take candidates to complete it. Here you can also change the sequence of the tests.


05. Invite candidates

It’s now time to invite your candidates. You can directly send invitations by email. Or you can share a public link (for example, on job boards or on your website).


06. See status of assessments

Review the status of all your assessments in the blink of an eye. Per assessment, you can see how many candidates were invited, started, and completed it. And when the last activity took place.


07. Compare candidates

Click on an assessment to see the results of all the candidates. Sort on average test score to put the candidates that scored best on top. Or download the results as a CSV-file.


08. Review a candidate

On the candidate page, you can see the scores of a candidate for each test. View the (video) answers to your custom questions. Read about their personality type. And leave your private notes.

Hiring the best. Made easy.

TestGorilla launches early 2020. Sign up to become a beta tester and receive a 30% discount voucher when we go live.