Tired of hiring and interviewing the wrong people?

Save time and money. Test candidates before you hire.

Test candidates

Test candidates

Job-knowledge, language, personality, cognitive ability and situational judgement tests. Only 10 minutes each. Choose from our library or build custom tests.

Watch candidates

Watch candidates

See how candidates communicate by asking them to record video responses to your custom questions.

Hire objectively

Hire objectively

Take out gut feeling and biases from hiring decisions. Focus on who can do the job, not who looks good on paper.

More reasons companies around the world sign up for TestGorilla

Predict performance with TestGorilla´s affordable, high-quality, online pre-employment assessments

Surprisingly simple

Easily create assessments, add custom questions, rank candidates, export scores as CSV file, and more.

Best value

Assessments expensive and only for large companies? No longer. We offer by far the best value.

Positive brand experience

Candidates are seamlessly taken to their assessment, without having to create an account. Plus they see your logo.

Cheat prevention

Watch screenshots of your candidates while they are taking the tests. See warnings if candidates exit full screen mode.

File upload

Ask candidates to upload a document, such as their CV or portfolio.

Stellar support

Don’t let a question slow you down. Get expert support from our team. Really fast.

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The human magic behind our tests

Our tests are developed by testpreneurs, subject matter experts with deep knowledge in their fields. They get rewarded when their tests are used and we help them make their tests better. This way we can offer you the highest quality, and widest range of, tests in the market.


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